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About Paint WilCo

Visit WilCo has embarked on an exciting new journey into the arts called Paint WilCo: an art initiative commencing with a mural project that will embrace the following goals.

1. Create 10 unique murals in locations throughout  Wilson County by the end of 2020.
2. Boost tourism by creating shareable, interactive photo opportunities for visitors to the county, as well as residents.
3. Beautify Wilson County.
4. Integrate art into communities.
5. Spark interest in the arts.

Cities round the U.S. are experiencing the positive impact and benefits of public mural art and with this initiative, Wilson County communities will reap those same benefits.

Mural art has endless possibilities in genre, theme, composition and medium. For that reason, the Paint WilCo initiative will provide variety for the masses. Interactive murals, community murals, temporary and mobile murals, pet murals, murals produced from something other than paint, as well as culturally centered murals are among the options Paint WilCo would like to produce. By sourcing local artists, supplies and sponsorships in the production process, Visit WilCo will be able to highlight the wonderful artistic resources available in Wilson County, while producing assets that will bring revenue through tourism for years to come.

For the vision and goals of this initiative to be fully realized, community support through sponsorships, donations and volunteering is vital. If you are interested in finding out how you can help, please email the Visit WilCo office at or call 615-547-6438.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Specialty License Plates

The State of Tennessee offers more than 100 specialty license plates for Tennessee motorists to display on their registered motor vehicles. These plates represent special interest organizations, professional organizations, colleges and universities, branches of the military, and other topics. Most of these plates are available at your local county clerk’s office. However, you may want to call and check before traveling to the clerk’s office.

A Specialty License Plate costs $35 each year. You can exchange your current license plate for a Specialty License Plate anytime, the county clerk will prorate your fees.

County clerks charge an additional $1 fee for the issuance of a specialty plate. This makes the fee $36 for specialty plates and $71 for personalized specialty plates, plus the standard state registration fee and any wheel taxes imposed by local governments.

Take a look at all the different plates and find the one that lets the world know what you care about. Then visit your local county clerk’s office and ask for the one that best fits your interest or passion.

Available TN Arts Commission License Plates