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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

I know that Ashley is usually the author and architect of these blogs, but today’s is getting hijacked by me, Jason.  Twice a week, Ashley does a great job of highlighting some amazing places in Wilson County. Those “doing great things with the cards they’ve been dealt”, those “finding a way to make it work”, those “glass half-full” people. We hope you continue to appreciate and support these businesses as much as we do!  We truly have some amazing people in Wilson County trying hard to bring some happiness and normalcy (or new normalcy) in these times.  Please keep an eye out for more featured businesses ahead. 

Today’s post is shifting gears somewhatOn the heels of National Doctors’ Day (March 30) and with World Health Worker Week (April 5-11) right around the corner, this time we at WilCo are giving a shout out to all those in the medical field. The doctors, nurses, and others that are the heroes in today’s world. We all know someone, or we ARE that someone that despite their fears and hesitations, go to work right in the middle of it all, putting themselves at high risk, to help others.   

There are a lot of people out there that can be “safer at home” right now, but there are many that can’t. Those are the ones wearing a different type of uniform, fighting a different type of enemy, in a different type of war. And we are grateful. 

Please take a minute and tag a doctor, a nurse, a health care worker of any kind.  Keep them on your mind.  Keep them in your heart.