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A Cozy Adventure: Unveiling the Charms of Shopping Local at Downtown Lebanon Square

Step into a world where the warmth of a comforting drink mingles with the festive glow of downtown lights, creating the perfect setting for a holiday shopping experience like no other. Nestled in the heart of history, Downtown Lebanon Square beckons you to embrace the joy of shopping local. Join us as we embark on a journey through this enchanting destination, where every step unveils unique treasures and celebrates the spirit of community.

Sip, Stroll, and Shop Local: A Holiday Delight

As winter’s chill settles in, there’s nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a steaming cup of your favorite beverage. Imagine this warm embrace complemented by the inviting twinkle of bright lights adorning the streets. The ambiance is set, inviting you to take a leisurely stroll through the historic charm of Downtown Lebanon Square.

Full List of Downtown Lebanon Merchants


  • Basic.Eatery 122 Public Sq. Healthy Options, Smoothies
  • BJ Hot Chicken 109 N. Cumberland St. Southern/Hot Chicken
  • Cedar City Brewing Co 112 N. Public Sq. Brewery/American
  • Polly Sparrow Bakery 102 Public Sq. Bakery
  • Island Breeze Bistro 102 S. College St. Caribbean
  • Split Bean Roasting Co 110 E. Main St. Cafe/American
  • Yiaghee’s SpecialTeas 104 E. Main St. Bubble Teas
  • Town Square Social 145 Public Sq. American
  • Off the Square 108 S. Cumberland St. Brunch/Breakfast
  • The Roasted Coconut 201 E. Market St. Healthy, Soups, Salads


  • The Lit Brand 106 W. Main St. Custom hats/accessories
  • Dreams Boutique 124 Public Sq. Women’s Boutique
  • Heavenly Scents Soap Co. 113 N. Cumberland St. Soaps/Beauty
  • Cotton + Cedar Boutique 105 N. Cumberland St. Women’s Boutique
  • Wilkie’s Outfitters 110 Public Sq. Outdoor Apparel
  • Jewell & Jane Co. 109 Public Sq. Home Decor/Goods
  • Jack’s Guitarcheology 107 Public Sq. Guitars/Musical
  • Em + Kate Boutique 104 Public Sq. Children’s Boutique
  • Markham’s Shoes 101 Public Sq. Shoes
  • Jessy’s Boutique 106 S. College St. Women’s Boutique
  • 3:sixteen Boutique 108 E. Main St. Women’s Boutique
  • The Artful Abode 106 E. Main St. Art
  • Harper’s Books 107 S. Cumberland St. Books
  • Square Market 115 S. Cumberland St. Home Decor
  • Seven Cedars Butcher Block 135 Public Sq. Butcher
  • Iddy & Oscar’s 133 Public Sq. Women’s Boutique
  • Poppie’s Boutique 132 Public Sq. Women’s Boutique
  • The Wellness Barre Boutique 130 Public Sq. Women’s Boutique
  • Main Street Mercantile & Creamery 128 Public Sq. Gifts/Accessories
  • Urban Mills Promotion & Boutique 126 Public Sq. Women’s Boutique
  • Demeter’s Common 116 N. College St. Grocery/Gifts
  • The Public Square Market 120 N. College St. Artisan


  • Capitol Theatre 110 W. Main St. Theatre/Movies
  • Barcadia 107 W. Main St. Arcade Bar