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Business Spotlight Saturday: New Leash On Life!

There are many reasons to visit Wilson County: the parks, boutique shopping, dining, the local attractions, or for the many historical sites. However, many times we find ourselves in a new town or city not necessarily for leisure purposes, but because a product or service is available there that is difficult (or maybe impossible!) to get elsewhere. The businesses that offer these products and services play an important role to our tourism industry, so we would like to put a spotlight on those businesses in a segment called…

Business Spotlight Saturday!

This week’s spotlight is on the New Leash On Life organization located in Lebanon, TN. New Leash On Life is dedicated to improving the welfare of companion animals in the community through shelter, placement, spay/neuter, and education and awareness opportunities. The organization boasts three main programs: The Adoption Center, The Joy Clinic, and the Paw Pantry.

Buddy the Chihuahua

The Adoption Center is where our tour begins and is the longest-standing operation of the New Leash On Life organization. The Adoption Center provides shelter, food, basic medical care and training to rescued animals. The Adoption Center is a no-kill shelter that last year helped over 550 companion animals.

Monkey the cat who roams the halls during the evenings

The Joy Clinic is the spay and neuter servicing area of the New Leash On Life organization. The Joy Clinic is a proud partner with the National Spay / Neuter Response Team. This means that the Joy Clinic has been trained at the National Training Center of the Humane Alliance (a program of the ASPCA). The quality of care that companion animals receive at the Joy Clinic, coupled with the affordable pricing, is what sets this program apart from any other spay / neuter facility in the area. The surgery price range is between $35 – $75 (WELL below the industry average!).

Smelling all the visitors who pass by!

The Paw Pantry program provides monthly assistance with pet food for Wilson County residents (this may also be available to people in surrounding counties if supplies are available). The first time assistance is needed, they have a “no questions asked” policy. However, beyond the first time use of the program, the Paw Pantry asks that you provide proof of need as well as proof that your companion animal is spayed or neutered. Proof of need can include: unemployment, government assistance, fixed income, veteran services or referral from another nonprofit.

The Joy Clinic’s mascot, Bandit, getting up-close and personal with CVB Director Amy Nichols

Our visit with the New Leash On Life organization was a powerful one – full of people who are passionate about providing quality care and improving the lives of animals in need. The love that is felt for these animals from those who volunteer their time with New Leash On Life is powerful, but love is not the only thing needed to keep these valuable programs running! Visit the New Leash On Life website to see how you can help through donated items, donated time, and monetary donations.

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