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What’s Happening in WilCo May 30th-June 5th?

What’s Happening in WilCo May 22nd-29th?

Check out the local Wilson County events happening this week! (Memorial Day Weekend.)

What’s happenin’ in WilCo for May 22nd-29th (Memorial Day Weekend!)????????

????️ Monday May 22nd

????Weekly Trivia (avid Hotel Mt. Juliet)

????️ Wednesday May 24th

????Pinewood Derby & Cookout

????️ Thursday May 25th

????LBL and Burger Theory present Concerts & Causes (avid Hotel Mt. Juliet)

????Trivia Night with BrainBlast Trivia @ The Cedar Tap

????️ Friday May 26th

????Rock the Block – Hard Redemption and Francis

????BBQ Grill N’ Chill (Breendens Orchard)

????Snow White Jeep Night

???? Open Play Nido (Indoor Playground)

????️ Saturday May 27th

????Birthday Bash @Sweet Tea Boutique

????‍????Mt. Juliet Farmer’s Market

????️Sunday May 28th

????Eugene Chadbourne + Jim McHugh LIVE at Jack’s Guitarcheology!

????ICCC Nashville (Star Wars Convention Farm Bureau Exposition Center)

????️ Friday May 26th

????Rock the Block – Hard Redemption and Francis (Downtown Lebanon Square Block Party)

????BBQ Grill N’ Chill (Breendens Orchard)

???? Open Play Nido (Indoor Playground)

????️ All Weekend

????ICCC Nashville Star Wars Convention @ Farm Bureau Exposition Center)

⛳️Mini golfing + putt-putt @ Cedar Creek Sports Center

???? Axe throwing @ Axe-Shack

???? Paintball @ Xtreme Paintball

????‍????City Of Lebanon Farmers Market

Did we miss anything? Give us a shout & we can share your upcoming events!


Meet Our New Administrative Assistant!

Hi, everyone! I’m Sunny Carroll the new Administrative Assistant for Wilson County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. I have several years of work experience that I am excited to bring to this position and happy for the opportunity to add to my knowledge and grow in my profession.

My husband Chris and I have been married for 4 years and have an amazing 17-month-old, Spencer, in addition to my two adult children, Jake and Jozie. I grew up in Central Illinois and moved to Tennessee in 2014. Chris and I moved to Lebanon in 2018 and have loved the area. We have a budding, tiny farm that consists of chickens and a small garden, but we plan on adding more a little at a time.

While being here only a few years, I absolutely love the small town feel and the support and love I have seen our community give to one another. I am so excited to be part of the team here at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and look forward to help serving the community and our visitors in any way I can.

Virtual Reality is the new Reality??

Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime.  The NFL Draft, American Idol, zoos, and museums.  For the last 7 weeks, we’ve worked our jobs, visited our friends and family, attended school, and watched life happen, virtually.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been pretty amazing to see the drive and ingenuity in people to ensure our world keeps turning, but for many of us, the “virtual” aspect of all of this can be stifling.   

My two boys have watched countless nature and zoo virtual experiences, but their faces yesterday when they found a caterpillar in backyard said it all.  They have filled books and refrigerator doors up with paintings and crayon drawings, but to take them out to Charlie Daniels Park to actually see the colors jump off of the caboose mural said it all.   

As I said, we cannot deny all the incredible things done virtually over the last couple of months, but now we can start this transition from “virtual” to “reality.”  The reality of things is thisWilson County is a pretty great place to visit and a pretty great place to be! So start searching our website and start virtually planning the reality of a visit to WilCo!




Jason Johnson, Tourism Director

Getting that Virtual Diploma

How do you fit all the milestones teachers and students lost during the COVID-19 pandemic into an approximately 350-word blog post? It isn’t easy. There aren’t words for how these students and teachers are feeling right now. There aren’t emotions for the milestones they are missing out on- last days, proms, commencement ceremonies, senior nights, end of school parties. Yet here I am, trying to put the lack of words and emotions into words.

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Go with the Flow!

Hospitality-the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

It’s been my profession for over 20 years.  It’s what my wife and I do at home all the time.  We are “that house” in the neighborhood, the migration to our backyard and patio is a natural, frequent occurrence and we love it!  Welcoming people, inviting friends, and creating moments is what we do in our home all the time and I feel extremely lucky that I am now doing that on the grander scale of my “home”, Wilson County.

Hi, Jason Johnson here, and along with my wife, Kristy, and our twin boys, Aiden and Elijah, let me say that I am beyond happy to take the position of Tourism Director for the Wilson County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  I have called Wilson County home for nearly 15 years.  I’ve done and seen a lot in Wilson County, but the more I look and learn, the more I realize there is a whole lot more that I HAVEN’T done in Wilson County.  We are loaded with things to see, places to eat, and shops to visit!

We are obviously in a strange time for tourism (and many other things), but the horizon on the other side of this is bright and filled with possibilities for Wilson County.  I can’t wait for you all to experience (or re-experience) the hospitality of Wilson County!  Until then, check out our website, send us an email at, or give us a call at 615-547-6438 and start planning!



Stardust Drive-In

To quote Joe Nichols, this weekend looks {mostly} “sunny and 75!” Maneuvering your way through the COVID-19 pandemic can be hard. Self-isolating and staying in your house isn’t easy, especially when you have stir crazy kids home from school, but with the weather looking wonderful this weekend, the Visit WilCo Team wants to tell you about one of our all time favorite attractions in WilCo: The Stardust Drive-In located in Watertown, Tennessee.

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