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Cellar 53 Winery


Cellar 53 WineryCellar 53 Winery

We’re on Cloud {Wine} about Cellar 53 Winery participating in Watertown is for Lovers this year. Before we get into the details about the wine tasting, let’s do a little backstory on this quaint, family run winery.

It all began in 2005 when Rebecca and Scott Pachal purchased the remaining 100 acres of Scott’s family farm. They orginally planted grapes to become commercial wine grape growers, but due to some law changes, they had to regroup and decided to open a winery (and boy are we glad they did!)

On the Saturday before Easter in 2015, the Paschal’s opened the doors to Cellar 53 Winery to the public. They grow the majority of the fruits used for their wines right there on the eight acres of grape and blackberry vineyards. 

Now moving on to the event, you can taste some of their house favorites on February 9 at Watertown is for Lovers.

They will be doing a wine and chocolate pairing for only $15 at B-Side Gallery (next to Nona Lisa’s) from 11-3. You will get to taste a red, white, and fruit wine; these will be perfectly paired with a piece of gourmet chocolate. 

For more information on the event, click here or check out the Facebook event.

Make sure to follow them on social media @Cellar53Winery and tag all your pictures at the event with #LoveArrivesinWatertown


Cellar 53