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Claim CVB Listing

  • Claim CVB Listing

    We are pleased to announce that you can now claim & update your CVB listing on the VisitWilCO website! This will help provide more information to prospects and members searching our Membership Listing and also long term allow Google to be able to index your listing for improved search engine results.

    There are 4 steps involved in claiming your listing and getting your listing updated. If you can use Facebook then you can claim your CVB Listing! This process should take between 15-30 minutes to step through and you will always be able to update your information in the future once you have ownership of your listing.

    Step 1 – Register on (use your primary e-mail)

  • Register Your Account

    Creating An Account on the website is an easy process – as shown below (Please your primariy e-mail) – NOTE – you will receive an e-mail notification that you must verify to register on

  • Claim Listing

    Now we are ready to Claim Your Listing. To do this you must search for your CVB Listing that is already in the Visit WilCO website. Go to Search Magnifying Glass in the Top Menu and search for your business – Be sure that your are logged in to the website before proceeding – and once you click on your business you will see the option to Claim This Listing – Click on this option and we will the verify your claim and you will be free to update and manage the listing at any time.

  • Update Listing

    With your CVB Listing you can update your description, add your website, click on Google Maps to show your location and also add your photo for your profile picture. It is basic content updating which can be accomplished in the following steps:

    1. Login if you are not already logged in at Partner Login

    2. Go To the Magnifying Glass Search option to find your listing – generally you can type in the name  (or partial name find your listing) 

    3. Click On “EDIT” to update the actual Listing on and be sure to save your changes.