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Finding My Place in the Crazy

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do” -Walt Disney

Hey there! I’m Kaitlyn, and I’ve been a WilCo resident since I was a teenager. My family relocated from Pennsylvania to escape the cold weather and never looked back. I love trying new things, so you can bet I’m always looking for new restaurants to try!

I enjoy running and hitting up every local race WilCo has to offer. I’m always looking for interesting things to do, especially places I can bring my sweet Yorkie along with me! My hobbies are all over the board, because I can’t ever seem to narrow it down to just one thing (I mean, why pick one when there’s so many?!). I usually laugh at the cheesiest jokes and there is typically glitter somewhere close by when I’m around. If I can combine running and traveling, it’s the perfect fit for me. I love to do RunDisney weekends while also getting the opportunity to tour the parks at Walt Disney World in Florida!

Since having moved to Wilson County as a teenager, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to try new jobs, meet new people, and experience what the community has to offer. I’ve loved getting to see the growth of this county and its residents over the years.

I’m so excited to start on this new adventure and be a part of experiencing all that Wilson County has to offer. Get ready, because it’s going to be a good time!

“My pup and I love walking around the Lebanon square and stopping by one of our favorite local joints, Split Bean Roasting Co. Where I get my usual, iced mocha with whipped cream and she of course, getting a puppuccino.”