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Stardust Drive-In

To quote Joe Nichols, this weekend looks {mostly} “sunny and 75!” Maneuvering your way through the COVID-19 pandemic can be hard. Self-isolating and staying in your house isn’t easy, especially when you have stir crazy kids home from school, but with the weather looking wonderful this weekend, the Visit WilCo Team wants to tell you about one of our all time favorite attractions in WilCo: The Stardust Drive-In located in Watertown, Tennessee.

Stardust Drive-In has been a staple in Watertown for as long as we can remember, and right now, it is the only way you can watch a movie outside your house! They are still open for business Friday-Sunday. They have changed a few things to comply with CDC regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are spacing the cars out more to allow social distancing between each car. This means that they have cut their capacity in half at each screen. The Stardust Drive-In team cannot reiterate enough to ARRIVE EARLY to ensure you get a spot at the screen you desire! They will turn away cars once they have reached capacity!

Not only do you not have to get out of your car to enjoy the movies (yes, you get a double feature for less than the cost of one movie at the regular theater), you can also purchase a food permit for only $6 to allow you to bring in your own food! This means you literally never have to leave your car at all! Stardust is also in the final stages of offering an “order from your car” option for concessions. They want to make sure to get this perfect before rolling it out to the public.

Stardust Drive-In wants to try and keep a sense of normalcy in all the craziness happening in the world. They want to share the drive-in experience with everyone (well from a socially acceptable distance). You can find more information on ticket prices, what movies are being shown, and the do’s and don’ts of the drive-in here. We hope everyone decides to come out to Stardust Drive-In to see what makes WilCo Near Nashville but Miles from Ordinary!


Movies below are showing March 27-29 ONLY! Movies change each week! Check here for new movies releases!