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Tag: Frost will be our guide on this page with Back In Time

Go Back In Time with Historian Martin Frost


If you were bored in history class and didn’t understand how you would use any of that knowledge in your future life – take a magical history tour of Wilson County with Martin Frost and suddenly, you’ll “get it.” Frost, a Civil War Re-enactment enthusiast and Wilson County history tour guide, weaves the story of the area’s confederate counter-attack as if he had been watching from a safe distance, decked out in his confederate uniform.

Details of the every day lives of the Generals Morgan, Dumont and Hatton – the personalities of Captain Dartt and General Buell, the bravery of Sergeant Samuel Milmore and Company L – when this knowledgeable guide finishes your walk back in time, you’ll know more about these soldiers than you know about yourself.

In coming months, Frost will be our guide on this page with “Back In Time” – a video mini-tour and discussion of some of the events, people and places that shaped Wilson County before and after the War Between the States.

Join us here for a personal Wilson County tour sampler as Martin Frost makes history come alive with these topics:

  • The establishment of Wilson County in 1799.
  • The site chosen for the County Seat, and why.
  • Why the names of Lebanon, Mt. Juliet and Watertown were chosen.
  • The history of Cumberland College
  • The beginning of the War Between the States in Wilson County
  • General Robert Hatton, the 7th Tennessee Infantry, and many other units.
  • General John Hunt Morgan and the Battle of Lebanon.
  • The Confederate Monument on the public square in Lebanon
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery
  • Residents who made history
  • Antebellum homes and the families who lived there
  • When the railroads came to Wilson County
  • Castle Heights Military Academy.
  • The World War II maneuvers in Middle Tennessee, headquartered in Lebanon
  • The beginning of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant chain.
  • Wilson County’s Civil War and other historic tours are available to tour groups by appointment only. Contact us here for more information.