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Introducing Wander Wilson


Hi! My name is Wanda. However, my very country, very Southern grandma raised me. Good ole’ Granny. She changed the sound “uh” in any name to “er”. Therefore if you were Donna you became Donner. Not to be confused with Santa’s reindeer. Sonia morphed into Sonyer. Wanda…Wander, etc. You get the picture.

Well, Wander stuck. Since I’m a restless wanderer – this name seems to fit.



Wander Wilson is who I am and what I do in my free time and I’ve been asked to share my love of shopping, eating and wandering with you fine readers! I live and breathe Wilson County, TN. So, Dear Reader, I invite you to shop, explore, learn and dine with me as we discover exciting local hangouts together.

One fine little city in Wilson County that’s growing at a mind boggling rate is Mt. Juliet. I’m so there.


My first stop is Home for the Holidays at the Mt. Juliet Community Center. Super Wow! So many local vendors, so much to look at, so much money to be spent…

Immediately inside the door was a lovely lady adorned in crimson and white. I didn’t comment on her attire but I was captured by a gift idea as she motioned toward a display in her perfect Vanna White style.

“Anyone play Cornhole?” she asked. “Of course I do!” I answered, as if she had asked if I breathe in and out on a daily basis. This Vanna wannabe had the perfect stocking stuffer and I’m not talking about her tiny little elfin feet. She showed me mini as in “table-top” versions of Cornhole and my eye was drawn to a University of Tennessee set. On any game day at my house there is great division. Very Hot Husband is a diehard UT fan and my baby boy going-on-17 son is a relentless LSU fan. Vanna said she could order an LSU set just in time for Christmas. SOLD!!

After browsing vendors’ stalls and acting like a bull (charging everything) I slipped out the door for a bite to eat. Big Al’s Barb-B-Que on Lebanon road was my choice. As I’d never eaten there before, I asked the friendly waitperson for her suggestion. She soon arrived with a huge smoked pork sandwich, baked beans and her 4th generation family recipe of potato salad. Y’all, I love Memphis barbeque and never thought I would cheat on it, but, y’all – this was a contender. Deelish!

Next stop, Tia’s Shabby Chic Boutique on N. Mt. Juliet Rd. This is the cutest little place filled with some unique hand crafted items. I found a fabulous ornament and at least three Christmas gifts that my gal friends will love. How could I resist buying the same things for myself? As in, Merry Christmas to me?

I couldn’t. So I did. I’ve wrapped them and put them under the tree with a “From Santa” tag on them. That’ll have my husband thinking I have a secret admirer.

Better yet, it might make him believe in Santa again.

Dear Reader, this is my first mini blog. Be kind and send me your thoughts!

Until next time, wander about and see the sights. One day, a crazy CVB director may want you to write a blog for her website!