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Happy Fall Ya’ll


Fall weather is finally here, and whether you’re excited for the timeless fall pieces like flannels and chunky sweaters or want to take a ride on the wild side with trends like flared jeans, popcorn tops, or lace, the Historic Lebanon Square has shopping to fit all your fashion needs.

Buzzfeed mentions a few other trends to be on the lookout for as 2018 comes to a close. Those include:

  • Scrunchies (yes, the 80s are back!!)
  • Plaid, plaid, plaid!
  • Wide leg pants, but more specifically those 70’s flared jeans.
  • The color lavender (whether it be a new hair color, a fun colored bag, or nails)
  • Hit up your military surplus store because camo is bigger than ever

So head on out to the square and visit 3:Sixteen, Iddy & Oscars, Urban Mills Boutique, Dreams Boutique, Poppie’s Boutique, Eden’s Edge Boutique, and Jessy’s Boutique, and while you’re here, check out this slideshow of pictures from the boutiques, featuring some of their new fall items.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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