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A Generous Helping of New Adventures

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I believe that the recipe for a life well-lived includes equal parts love and laughter, sprinkled with plenty of learning moments, a hardy scoop of gratitude and a generous helping of new adventures. I have most of the recipe licked, but I’m working on that last ingredient a little more these days after moving cross-country from California to Tennessee this last summer. With this new adventure came a whole new way of life, including a new job.

I’m the newest addition to the Wilson County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. My name is Crystal, and I’m excited to bring my office management and fundraising experience to an already stellar team of driven, young professionals, who strive to keep county tourism thriving.

I was born and raised in New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, in a small oilfield town near the Four Corners. I remain a Southwestern girl through and through, even after living in a multitude of states over the years. But I am already heavily under the influence of Tennessee’s charm. Good ole Southern hospitality, great food, and beautiful, green landscapes have me sold.

I am a big fan of local history and love to explore antique stores and museums, so if you have a favorite, or maybe know of a new one opening, I want to know! There is something magical about being able to connect to the past through relics left behind. Wilson County is rich with history that I am eager to explore!

Another thing I am a big fan of? Shopping and family recreation! I love the boutiques, attractions and parks in Wilson County, but I am positive I have yet to put even a small dent in the long list of area offerings. So, put a bug in my ear (I know this state has plenty to share, but please don’t take that literally!) about places you and your family love to frequent. My husband and our bank account might not thank you, but I sure will!


I Scream For #WilCo Ice Cream


In anticipation for warmer weather, I decided to make a trip around Wilson County to restaurants that are known for serving sweet treats on warm spring days! Here’s the scoop on some places to go in Wilco if you’re a softie for some soft serve!

Adelita's Ice Cream Shop Located in Lebanoin TNAdelita’s Ice Cream Shop Located in Lebanoin TNMy first stop was Adelita’s Ice Cream Shop located in Lebanon. This ice cream shop is unique because of its Hispanic flair and hospitality. First, I walked in and my eyes were drawn to a wall that is popping with color. Greens, pinks, purples you name it; arranged in a way that’s both exciting and inviting. My eyes were peeled away only to find a wall of ice cream and popsicles. At first, it’s a bit overwhelming; There were so many different colors and flavors, but the staff was very charming and happy to help me decide what flavors to get. I was able to narrow it down to two types of ice cream: vanilla with M & M’s and chocolate with Kit-Kats. I sat down to enjoy my frozen treats at their cute tables, perfect for a small group of people. I took a spoonful of both flavors and was blown away. This place puts the cream in ice cream. Seriously y’all, the Kit Kat was delicious and chocolatey, and the vanilla with M & M’s was a pair made in heaven. Adelita’s Ice Cream Shop is a hidden icy gem that is definitely not vanilla.

Snow White Drive-in in Lebanon, TNSnow White Drive-in In Lebanon, TNThe second stop, Snow White Drive-In on West Main Street, was a step back in time. A typical 1950’s diner complete with a jukebox and spunky waiting staff.  I decided to keep the sweet theme going by ordering a banana split. This banana split was to die for! Underneath the mountains of whipped cream were walnuts, strawberries and even more ice cream, which was quite the pleasant surprise! Other patrons were also eating a banana split, and they were enjoying it just as much as I was. The sounds of town chatter and laughter filled this homey restaurant, making it the perfect place to take the family, or your lunch break. As I was leaving, one of the waitresses told me they served milkshakes. Worried I’d go into a sugar coma if I had anything else sweet, I told them I’d absolutely be back to try one.

adalitas image 1 297x300Today was a sugary adventure I plan on attending more often. Adelita’s Ice Cream Shop and Snow White Drive-In are unique places that call Wilson County home. One gives you scoops of yummy Latino culture, while the other is a historical trip for both you and your taste buds. They are the places to go if you’re looking for a tasty and fun time with your friends and family. Only in #WilCo will you find such frozen fun!

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Go Back In Time with Historian Martin Frost


If you were bored in history class and didn’t understand how you would use any of that knowledge in your future life – take a magical history tour of Wilson County with Martin Frost and suddenly, you’ll “get it.” Frost, a Civil War Re-enactment enthusiast and Wilson County history tour guide, weaves the story of the area’s confederate counter-attack as if he had been watching from a safe distance, decked out in his confederate uniform.

Details of the every day lives of the Generals Morgan, Dumont and Hatton – the personalities of Captain Dartt and General Buell, the bravery of Sergeant Samuel Milmore and Company L – when this knowledgeable guide finishes your walk back in time, you’ll know more about these soldiers than you know about yourself.

In coming months, Frost will be our guide on this page with “Back In Time” – a video mini-tour and discussion of some of the events, people and places that shaped Wilson County before and after the War Between the States.

Join us here for a personal Wilson County tour sampler as Martin Frost makes history come alive with these topics:

  • The establishment of Wilson County in 1799.
  • The site chosen for the County Seat, and why.
  • Why the names of Lebanon, Mt. Juliet and Watertown were chosen.
  • The history of Cumberland College
  • The beginning of the War Between the States in Wilson County
  • General Robert Hatton, the 7th Tennessee Infantry, and many other units.
  • General John Hunt Morgan and the Battle of Lebanon.
  • The Confederate Monument on the public square in Lebanon
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery
  • Residents who made history
  • Antebellum homes and the families who lived there
  • When the railroads came to Wilson County
  • Castle Heights Military Academy.
  • The World War II maneuvers in Middle Tennessee, headquartered in Lebanon
  • The beginning of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant chain.
  • Wilson County’s Civil War and other historic tours are available to tour groups by appointment only. Contact us here for more information.